Strabane writer Catherine launches ‘Angels Whisper’

Local author Kate O'Kane with her latest book 'whos life is it anyway". DR98
Local author Kate O'Kane with her latest book 'whos life is it anyway". DR98

Strabane writer, Catherine O’Kane, has just released her second book ‘Angels Whisper - Whose life is it, anyway?’

The book, according to Mrs. O’Kane focuses not only on Angels but on what angels represent to the writer; what they do, and the belief in their healing power.

“‘Whose Life is it Anyway?’ is an invitation to awaken people to the influences we permit others to have on us.

“Do we take responsibility for our own lives or do we permit others to bully us and control how we live?”

Catherine’s personal spirituality is examined in close detail within the book: “I have found that writing and the work I do with the Angels has had a wonderfully positive effect on my health which can be problematic from time to time.

“Writing is a brilliant therapy and provides an outlet and allows me to utilise my personal experience to help other people.”

Catherine suggests: “Angel therapy is a magnificant tool and alongside contemplation and prayer, seems to yield the best life has to offer.

“Life and living in contemporary society demands so much of us, sometimes we allow external factors to dictate life rather than taking responsibility of self and living.

“The time I spent with the Sisters of Mercy in Cookstown has had a profound effect upon my spiritual life. My time there was short but sweet. Married life and family, voluntary work and relationships have helped to mould me and all things slot into place when we take time to realise how the journey of life unfolds.”

According to the author the main questions posed by the book is to determine ‘whose life is it, anyway?’

Catherine said: “This book has emerged as a sequel to ‘Angels Do Come - Just call!’ Many stories about Angels and relevant experiences have been freely shared and recorded as a result of the last publication. Within life and living, everyone at some point needs something to hang on to, the common denominator is the desire to avail of that which leads to the balance of body, soul and mind. The support of the Angelic realm helps us to believe that God and the Angels desire to guide and protect us as we travel the journey of life and living, irrespective of how it unfolds.

‘Angels Whisper - Whose life is it, anyway?’ is currently available online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Veritas and Easons in Derry and the Holy Shop, Strabane.