Strand Road hoax condemned

Derry’s Strand Road was disrupted again on Sunday evening by another hoax bomb alert.

Traffic was diverted away from the scene and a number of businesses premises had to close during the alert before it was declared a hoax.

The incident was condemned by Foyle MP Mark Durkan who called for an end to all attacks, real or hoaxes.

“If it is a real bomb, it’s intended to damage. If it’s not a real bomb it’s intended to disrupt and put people off their everyday business.

“Either way, we have streets cordoned off, we have business not able to function, and we have tourists unable to properly access services and not knowing where they are. There is no justification whatsoever for this activity – there never was and there never will be. It simply causes fear, distress and harm to people in Derry and visitors to our city.”