Strand Road resident hits out at ‘little boy racers’

Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010
Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010

A Strand Road resident says that he is “at his wits end” with “little boy racers” causing noise in a car park near his home.

The man, who asked for his identity to be protected for fear of reprisal, said the problem has become so apparent that he is thinking of moving.

The car park where John (not his real name) alleges the problems are stemming from, is beside Smyth’s Toy Store on the Strand Road.

“I honestly, don’t know how much more of this I can take,” said John.

“I am at my wits end with these little boy racers. The worst time of the week is on Thursday night and the early hours of Friday morning - they sometimes sit in the car park until 6a.m. - it can’t go on like this.”

John, who has a chronic illness, said the late night and early morning actions of those people using the car park are impacting negatively on his health.

“I am not sleeping at all. This can’t go on. I suffer from a chronic illness and I know other people who live nearby who have illnesses too.

“The last thing we need is people revving their engines, beeping their horns and roaring and shouting in the early hours of the morning.”

The Derry Journal contacted local councillor for the area, Mickey Cooper, who said he had spoken to the owner of the land.

“I’ve spoken to the owner and he has said he has no objections to the erection of a barrier leading into the car park.

“I’ve also met with managers of some of the businesses operating out of this area and they are all very open to making sure any issues are resolved.

“The one thing I would stress however, is that no decision will be made without consulting the residents,” said Colr. Cooper.