Strange goings-on in Malin Head

There’s Murder in the Hall in Malin Head and it’s gone viral in Inishowen.

Malin Head Community Hall is to be transformed into a creepy haunted house for Halloween, with ghouls and gruesome sights.

A scene from the Malin Head video.

A scene from the Malin Head video.

There’s also a murderer on the loose and it’s attracting a lot of attention.

A video created by ‘Away in the Head’ productions advertising the haunted house has already been watched and shared thousands of times. The ‘Journal’ can reveal that further teasers are on the way soon.

Fundraising committee member Robert Farren told the ‘Journal’ they’re “delighted” with the response to the video so far and promises that the haunted house is not to be missed.

The Halloween event takes place on Wednesday 29th October and Thursday 30th October in the hall, with a special, earlier showing for young children.

All proceeds are in aid of the community hall and further details will be confirmed shortly.

Meanwhile, watch the video, which tells how “every community has a dark secret..”