Strathfoyle clean-up volunteers praised

Volunteers who took to the streets of Strathfoyle for a community-led Big Clean Up have been praised for their efforts.

Eamonn O’Donnell from the Enagh Youth Forum says the estate has been greatly enhanced by the efforts on Saturday of local young people, volunteers and youth leaders.

“We at Enagh Youth Forum (Strathfoyle’s Independent Youth Led Youth Group) would like to congratulate and commend all the local young people and youth leaders from the W.E.L.B controlled Youth Centre in Strathfoyle who carried out a massive clean up of the area,” he says.

Mr O’Donnell says the clean up included graffiti removal and an extensive litter pick up around the estate.

“Their work today has greatly enhanced the image of our community and for this they are to be commended.

“This is exactly the type of youth work activity that we at Enagh Youth Forum like to encourage as it not only instils a sense of pride of place within our community but also focuses on active citizenship locally.”