Strathfoyle library cuts ‘cannot happen’

Strathfoyle Library. DER4414-123KM
Strathfoyle Library. DER4414-123KM

A Strathfoyle community worker has critiscised proposals made by Libraries NI to reduce the opening hours at the local library.

Paul Hughes, from Enagh Youth Forum, said Strathfoyle was a deprived enough area at the best times and explained that any change to the way in which the local operates would impact negatively upon the community.

“It has been proposed that Strathfoyle Library will lose five hours opening time - this cannot happen,” said Mr. Hughes.

“With many other of the voluntary sector services in Strathfoyle also under threat with funding cuts we need our library now more than ever.”

Mr. Hughes went on to say that the local library, which is located on Temple Road, acted as hub for people of all ages and backgrounds from the local community.

“In the absence of any community centre the library is the real hub of this rural community.”

Mr. Hughes called on the people of Strathfoyle to back a campaign to stop the reduction in opening hours and explained why the library is so important to a community like the one in Strathfoyle.

“I would encourage everyone concerned about cuts to the library service to help out and get involved in campaigns to increase usage and to make sure and complete the online review of opening hours survey online at librariesni website,” he said.

“Do your thing to help your local library and encourage a non member to join today.”

He added: “Libraries offer so much more than just books or computer use, they are full of life and go someway in helping to tackle the worst effects of social exclusion and rural isolation particularly here in Strathfoyle.”