Strong support for Gaza vigil on Muff border

Two children pictured at the Vigil for Gaza in Muff. Photo: Charlie McMenamin.
Two children pictured at the Vigil for Gaza in Muff. Photo: Charlie McMenamin.

Scores of people gathered in Muff on Wednesday afternoon to show their support for the people of Gaza.

The vigil, organised by the local Sinn Fein cumann, saw children and adults from both Inishowen and Derry gather at the Red Cross office near the border to show solidarity with Palestine.

The majority flew flags and received strong support from the public, with many motorists beeping their car horns as they passed by.

Three young girls from Muff attended the vigil, sisters Claire and Roisin Barron and Caoimhe McGonigle.

The girls waved flags and posters, with Caoimhe’s stating: “It could be me.”

Claire told the ‘Journal’ she wanted to attend as “everyone has to do their little bit.”

“We keep hearing about it and it’s just so terrible,” she said.

Another attendee, Charlie McMenamin, told how he had visited Palestine in 2008 and saw how people lived in “terrible conditions” even then.

“They are now much, much worse in Gaza,” he said.

“I wanted to show my support to and solidarity with them,” he said.

“The images we’re seeing are just terrible.”

Mr McMenamin, who has worked with charities aiding Gaza, described Palestinians as “kind, gentle people.”

He pointed out how children were some of the most affected by what is happening.

Donegal County Councillor Jack Murray said he was heartened by the support shown at the vigil and stated the people of Muff “wanted to show their support and sympathy at such a difficult time.”

Colr. Murray had also visited the West Bank in Palestine in January.

He visited a refugee camp, where conditions were “horrendous.”

“While I was there, I only saw a tiny bit of what is happening, but the conditions were terrible,” he said,

“What is happening in Gaza is horrific. The death toll now stands at over 1200 and the majority of that is civilians and especially children. Anyone can see Israel is not waging war against Hamas. The casualties are overwhelmingly not Hamas.”

Donegal County Councillor Albert Doherty said he attended for “the humanitarian issue, for the children, for asking repression to stop and for the people of Palestine and the people of Gaza.”

Colr. Doherty added he was “very, very disappointed” Sinn Fein’s emergency motion on Gaza was not taken at the meeting of Donegal County Council in Lifford on Monday.

A protest was held outside the County House before the meeting got underway.

Sinn Fein’s motion called upon the Irish Government to be more “proactive” and call the Israeli ambassador “to task” and be expelled as a show of support for the people of Gaza.Two collection points have been set up in Derry - Hillcrest House and the Gasyard Centre, for donations of children’s toys, nappies and clothes, as well as women’s sanitary products.