Sugar Daddy site says Derry is Europe’s 7th most monogamous city

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Derry is among Europe’s most monogamous cities, according to research carried out by the world’s largest online “sugar daddy dating network.” - self styled as the world’s largest website for mutually beneficial relationships - say they polled 4,500 across Europe to determine the most monogamous cities.

The website’s recent study on promiscuity found that the average single, European woman has, on average, (66%) three sexual partners per year.

Derry comes seventh in Europe with 59% of women from the city registered with the site as interested in finding a ‘sugar daddy’ claiming to sleep with one person or less per year.

The same statistic places the city as fourth most monogamous city in the UK.

“Monogamy is not dead,” says Brandon Wade, Chief Executive of Seeking Arrangement. “Unlike the 90s and 2000s, women are more fiscally motivated.

“They believe in investment, which has trickled down into behaviour and when making decisions keeping relationships and working on them, rather than just moving on to the next one.”

Manchester and Edinburgh are the UK’s least monogamous cities according to the research.

Most Monogamous Cities in Europe who sleep with 1 person or less per year: 1. London, England (75%) 2. Baden-Württemberg, Germany (73%) 3. Kent, England (69%) 4. Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France (63%) 5. West Midlands, England (62%) 6. Noord Holland, Netherlands(60%) 7. Derry City, Ireland (59%) 8. Bucharest, Romania (57%) 9. Berlin, Germany (55%) 10. Dublin, Ireland (54%)

Most Monogamous Cities in the UK who sleep with 1 person or less per year:

1. London, England (75%) 2. Kent, England (69%) 3. West Midlands, England (62%) 4. Derry City, N. Ireland (59%) 5. Hampshire, England ( 52%) 6. Essex, England (49%) 7. Northampshire, England (48%) 8. Lancashire, England (45%) 9. W. Sussex, England (42%) 10. Oxfordshire, England (41%)