‘Sunday’ relatives’ compensation offer

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The families of those killed on Bloody Sunday have been offered £50,000 each in compensation, it’s been reported.

It’s also been claimed that those seriously injured on the day have been offered the same amount.

The offer was apparently made following months of discussion between lawyers for the British Ministry of Defence and the families’ legal teams.

It’s been claimed that each of the families whose relatives were killed would receive a payment of £50,000 while the people who were seriously injured would receive the same sum. The total compensation package would be about £1.3 million.

A relative of one of those killed on Bloody Sunday branded the reported offer of compensation as “repulsive”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s never been about compensation,” said Linda Nash, whose teenage brother William was among those murdered.

“You can’t buy back a life. No price can be put on our loss. Talk of compensation is a distraction. What I want to see is prosecutions and the soldiers who murdered our loved ones in court.

“Not now or at any time will I accept money and our legal representatives are aware of this.”

The Saville Report into Bloody Sunday, which was published in June 2010, concluded that the British Army fired the first shots on Bloody Sunday and were to blame for what happened.

British Prime Minister David Cameron subsequently issued an apology, describing what happened as “unjustified and unjustifiable.”