Swimmer leaves pool £25,000 in his will

Templemore Sports Complex. (2412PG40) Photo Phil Gamble
Templemore Sports Complex. (2412PG40) Photo Phil Gamble

The identity of a man who left Derry’s Templemore Sports Complex almost £25,000 in his will has been revealed.

Pat Vij’s family said the donation was in recognition of the attention and kindness he received from staff at the facility.

They used to open the pool early every day so that Mr Vij, who was disabled, could enjoy his morning swim in comfort.

Councillors are now considering a plaque in his honour.

Mr Vij, who died in 1992, used the pool in the late 1980s and early 1990s following a major operation.

This week, his brother, Harparshad Vij, said the donation for the upkeep of the swimming pool was in recognition of the kindness shown to Pat by staff members at the Derry City Council owned pool.

“The pool staff allowed him to use the pool before other members of the public arrived,” he said. “This donation, which is a percentage of the residue of his will, reflects his appreciation of the dignity and generosity shown to him by the pool staff.”

Derry City Council’s leisure manager, Jeff Ashe, said he was pleased to finally be able to announce the donation Mr Vij had made to the complex.

“Those of us that do remember Pat are amazed,” he said. “We remember him as a very affable gentleman. To the staff here who knew he was a gentleman, well this has put the stamp of authority on that.”

Mr Ashe said the money will be used to build a new dressing room at the complex with disabled access.