SWP supporting ‘Sunday’ march

The Socialist Workers Party in Derry have called on local people to support the ‘March for Justice’ being organised by some of the relatives of those killed on Bloody Sunday.

The march will be held on Sunday, January 29 to mark the 40th anniversary of the massacre.

The majority of the Bloody Sunday families have said they will not be supporting the march and have insisted the decision to stage the final commemoration march in January last year was the right one.

More than 100 relatives of those killed and wounded on January 30, 1972 signed a letter backing the decision to end the annual commemoration march. A number of other commemoration events will be held across the city this weekend.

The Socialist Workers Party said the ‘March for Justice’ should be used to highlight injustices across the world. “We are calling in particular on socialists, anti-war campaigners and trade unionists to join the march to continue the fight for justice and against state violence - no matter where it occurs,” a statement said.

The group also said they want to see the campaign to hold individuals accountable for Bloody Sunday will should continue. “We should march on Bloody Sunday not to continue a tradition but to express solidarity with all victims of injustice,” the group said.

A number of dissident republican organisations from across Ireland have also signalled that they will be supporting the march. Key figures from Éirigi and the Continuity IRA-linked Republican Sinn Féin have announced online that they are running buses to Derry to take part in the march.

Last year, a small section broke away from the main commemoration march at William Street and made its way to Free Derry Corner.

The break-away march was supported by members of a number of dissident republican groups.

The organisers of the ‘March for Justice’ have said there will not be any politicians speaking at the event.