Tai Chi classes at Age Concern

Tai Chi classes take place at Age Concern in Derry every Monday at 2pm.
Tai Chi classes take place at Age Concern in Derry every Monday at 2pm.

Free Tai Chi lessons will be available at Age Concern Derry on Monday.

Tai Chi for older people at Age Concern Derry is a simplified cross between yoga and meditation designed to improve general health.

A spokesperson for Age Concern Derry explained why Tai Chi can be beneficial to older people and encouraged anyone interested to come along.

“Our Tai Chi consists of a series of movements and breathing exercises designed to build strength, restore balances and increase flexibility. “The classes are delivered in a sitting position and contain very soft and slow movements.

“Aside from greatly increasing the energy levels of older people, there are also further benefits of Tai Chi. For example, Tai Chi can reduce stress, significantly reduce high blood pressure, reduce pain levels in people with arthritis and relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety and depression.

“The gentle yet powerful nature of the movements aids circulation particularly in the hands, feet and legs and improves one’s coordination thus resulting in fewer falls,” said the spokesperson.

Tai Chi classes take place every Monday at 2pm and are free of charge! The classes take place at Age Concern Derry, Malvern House, Chapel Road, Derry BT47 2AN. For further information please telephone 028 71 347 478.