Tale of unionist and nationalist comrades

The loyalist cultural organisation, Londonderry Bands Forum, has launched its latest publication, '˜War, Peace and Remembrance: Londonderry 1918-1920', at the New Gate Cultural Hub in the Fountain.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 10:00 pm

Written by Seamus Breslin, Trevor Temple and Terry Wright, the book features the stories of the soldiers, nationalist and unionist, who fought side by side during the First World War, survived the slaughter, and returned to Derry to remake their lives as well as the city.

Mr. Wright remarked: “Individuals and families in the post war period had to deal with the task of getting on with life in the midst of the politics and challenges of rebuilding lives and communities.

“This is a major theme we seek to reflect in the book and its accompanying online resources.

“To illustrate the varied experiences, we concentrate in the last section on the stories of 10 individuals from the city who survived the war – five from the nationalist and five from the unionist communities.

“In writing this lasts section, the contributions of Seamus Breslin and Trevor Temple have been invaluable.

“They have been researching this material since long before it was fashionable to do so and it is appropriate that their work is acknowledged.”

The book is accompanied by a detailed online chronology of local, regional and global events during 1918, which was compiled by local historian Frank Carey.