Talent shines at first 421 Live concert

Inspired Derry students who have set up their own music promotion company - 421 Live - will hold a series of concerts over this year and next, highlighting the region’s incredible talent, with the first held earlier 
this week.

Each concert will have a unique theme and the 2nd Year Music Technology students at North West Regional College have themed tomorrow’s inaugural concert as ‘Acoustic Lounge’.

Playing support at the intimate event was singer songwriter Susie Blue, who is from the Foreglen.

Foreglen girl, Susan or Susie-Blue as she is better known, is a young woman who started making a mark on the emerging acoustic scene in Derry. She has played various gigs within the town and supported such big acts as Ram Pocket Radio in late September. She is working on her 1st EP with her new single called ‘Sleepy Nights’