Tattoo event for Heartbeat Trust back for second year

Dexter Doherty with parents Hayley and Damian displaying their heart tattoo's. (1202PG10)
Dexter Doherty with parents Hayley and Damian displaying their heart tattoo's. (1202PG10)

A unique charity fundraising idea was so successful that it’s back for a second year next weekend.

The event, entitled, ‘Tattoos are Good for the Heart’ was the brainchild of local parents Hayley and Damian Doherty to raise funds for the Heartbeat Trust.

They started the event last year following the birth of their son Dexter who was born with various heart conditions, including Congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries, Situs inversus (his organs are a mirror image of where they should be) Dextracardia (heart positioned centre right instead of left) and a VSD (hole in the ventricle).

This year the event takes place at Tattoo Studio 76 on Clooney Terrace next Saturday 15th February.

Already 150 people have signed up to get a small heart tattoo, costing £30, £25 of which goes directly to the Heartbeat Trust.

Hayley said, “Many of these people have their own heart stories and I have been truly touched by people’s willingness to join in.

“As a result we currently cannot do anymore tattoos, however we do have a reserve list and a number of other ways in which people can take part.

“These include 15 minute photoshoots with Kayleigh Clarke Photography with a minimum donation of £5 going to Heartbeat Trust. These can be booked through Kayleigh’s Facebook page.

“Top dog NI will be outside the studio on the day to give doggies a makeover, again costing £5 and Heartbeat merchandise will be on sale starting at £3 as well as some heart related jewellery.

“There is also a prize draw with some fantastic prizes so if you aren’t getting a tattoo this year there are plenty of other ways to donate.”

As for baby Dexter, he is now a walking toddler who is doing great.

Hayley explained: “Dexter is doing brilliant with his reviews at the Royal now six monthly rather than every three. We also received a very encouraging letter from Birmingham stating that Dexter should not need intervention for many years to come which is something I could never have dreamed of.

“This is amazing news for us, but many of the Heartbeat Trust family are not so lucky which is why we continue to raise funds.

Finally, Hayley would like to thank her brother Andy Moore who is giving up his shop and time for a day to do host the event.