Taxi driver 
suspended over roof signage

Darren Curran pictured with his taxi roof sign.
Darren Curran pictured with his taxi roof sign.

A taxi driver from Derry says he wants to know why the company he had been driving for up until last week have suspended him.

Darren Curran, from Lecky Road in the city, had been driving for the Taxi Co at Clarendon Street and had recently been asked to change the signage on the roof of his car.

The local taxi driver claims he changed his sign by adding the company’s name but that he still had his company data head taken back from him. He claims his taxi is now more compliant than several other cars, used by other drivers, who he says do not use company signs.

Mr. Curran says he feels his association with a local branch of the Independent Workers’ Union, and the fact that he had IWU stickers on his roof sign, has led to his suspension.

In a letter seen by the Journal, the local taxi driver is asked to have his sign emblazoned with the company name and telephone number.

After making the necessary changes to his sign to include the company name, Mr. Curran says he is still being told he can’t drive for the city centre based cab operator.

“I just want to know why, when I have my uniform and I have the company name and telephone number on the roof of the car, I can’t operate. I’ve seen myself some other drivers turning up with a general ‘taxi’ roof sign and nothing else. It doesn’t make sense. I feel like the company aren’t giving me any choice but to go public with this.”

The local taxi driver says numerous other drivers have supported him.

A spokesperson for the Taxi Co denied strenuously that Mr. Curran was being “singled out.”

The spokesperson added: “All drivers working for the Taxi Co company must comply with company policy when it comes to signage and the wearing of a uniform.

That is in order for us to provide a professional service to all of our customers which is always what we strive to do.”