Taximen and posties get lost because of lack of house numbers

Derek Hussey, UUP, Strabane Council
Derek Hussey, UUP, Strabane Council

A Derry and Strabane councillor has revealed how he has been inundated with complaints from taxi drivers and postal workers about the lack of house numbering in Derry.

Derek Hussey of the UUP was speaking at this week’s meeting of the Environmental Services Committee.

His comments were made as councillors were asked to approve street naming and property numbering of 16 new dwellings at Ballyarnett.

“There are a considerable number of homes in the council area which are not numbered,” he said. “I would ask if council has looked at this because I have had complaints from post officers workers and taxi drivers because they keep getting lost. What can council do to make sure that houses are being numbered.?”

Karen Phillips, head of the Environmental Services said that it was her understanding that none of the councils have ever had to take enforcement action because of numbering and the matter has always been resolved informally.

She said that all properties are mapped on the GIS system to emergency services can get where they need to go. “If a member of the public has any concerns they can contact us,” she said.