Tea and Toast for Inishowen mothers

Mums will be able to have a cup of tea and some 'me time.'
Mums will be able to have a cup of tea and some 'me time.'

An exciting and supportive new group has been set up in Inishowen for mammies to have a bit of ‘me’ time and connect with others in the area.

‘Tea and Toast’ held its first ‘Mammy Meet-up’ to great success in January and is extending a warm invitation to anyone who wants to join them this Wednesday, February 21st for the next gathering.

The group was created out of a need to raise awareness for self-care after a ‘Minding Mammy’ course run by Sarah Barr from New Beginnings Counselling Service.

One of the organisers, Caroline Doherty said:“Mammies tend to put everyone before themselves. But, as the saying goes: ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. Self-care and ‘me time’ are essential for everyone.”

“It can also be really easy to feel isolated as a new or not-so-new mum. After years of going to work and interacting with people of all ages, it can seem very lonely when you’re at home alone with a baby. Some mothers are also new to the local area and want to meet others in the community.

“While motherhood is the best job in the world it is also physically and emotionally tough. Every mammy needs an hour or two a month away from the children to relax, replenish and have some time to herself.

“This is where ‘Tea and Toast,’ so called as it is the first meal most women have after becoming a mother, comes in. The meet up is for mammies of all ages to connect with others and have a chat, laugh, cry and support each other in a positive way.”

Ms Doherty added how it is “so important to help us be the best mammy we can be. Wellness is key to a happy life.”

So, this group’s purpose is to sit down knowing you won’t have to get up to change a nappy or wipe a nose or wipe up a spill. As Caroline says: “Every mammy deserves a bit of ‘me time’ - here’s to womankind.”

Womenkind and dealing with anxiety, depression and lots more was the key focus of the ‘Minding Mammy’ courses. The ladies involved said the tips and advice they learned from Sarah helped them so much. They then decided there was a real need for support among mammies in Inishowen and ‘Tea and Toast’ was born.It will meet once a month for a chat, with guest speakers. In February, there will be Glenda Dowling, nutritionist and Gaps practitioner and ‘mommy blogger’ ‘Honest to Kate - Kate Thornton’. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 21st from 7.30 - 9.30pm at Nutri Ki, Buncrana. There is a small three euro cover charge to cover tea, nibbles and room hire.