Teen injured in ‘sickening’ firework attack

Fireworks seized by police in Limavady over the weekend.
Fireworks seized by police in Limavady over the weekend.

There has been condemnation after a 16-years-old was badly injured at a bonfire in Ballykelly when a firework was placed in his hood.

Police are appealing for information to catch the culprit responsible for the incident which happened on Hallowe’en night in the Kings Lane area of the village.

Sergeant McVicker, the investigating officer, said: “The youth sustained burns to his neck, ears and hands when a firework was placed into his hood.”

The youth was treated initially at Causeway Hospital and then to the Royal Victoria Hospital.

A spokesperson for Ballykelly Community & Youth Association described the incident as “sickening.”

“I’m concerned this has happened and our thoughts are with the teenager and we hope he makes a full recovery,” said the spokesperson. “Ballykelly has never had a bonfire before and I would love to get to the bottom of who organised it because it was nothing to do with the Community Centre at all. I am absolutely horrified to hear this has happened and we will be making our own investigations about who supplied the fireworks and if there was any supervision. What 
happened is sickening.”

During the Hallowe’en period police dealt with several incidents in the Limavady area and seized a small quantity of fireworks in the town.

Between 7 pm on Saturday and 7 pm on Sunday, police received four calls related to anti-social behaviour and seven to criminal damage incidents.

Chief Inspector Mark McClarence said: “This was a busy period for police. The incidents we dealt with were disruptive and damaging to the everyday lives of those affected. We understand the effect that anti-social behaviour can have on the everyday lives of residents in the community. Some people may think it is ‘just fooling around’, but it can result in distress for the victim, or a criminal record for the perpetrator that can affect their travel, education and employment opportunities in the future.

“I would encourage residents to report incidents of anti social behaviour to us as they occur in a bid to help prevent and detect any crime.”

The incidents reported included fire damage to a fence at Alexander Road; fireworks thrown at cars at Glenshane Road; a bottle that smashed a car windscreen at Glenview Drive; damage to a car by a firework at Shanreagh Park and damage to a garden light at Fiddler’s Way.

Anyone with any information about these incidents is asked to contact police.

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