Teenage Kicks....Still so hard to beat

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A Derry film maker has resurrected the art of pogoing to mark 35 years of the city’s own punk legends The Undertones.

Drumahoe native Hugh Robinson, now a a media lecturer at Coventry’s Henley College, enlisted the help of his students to make a a new video for The Undertones tour de force Teenage Kicks.

Now avaialble to watch online the Derry man’s video brings a contemporary twist to both the band’s anthemic classic and the punk fuelled dance craze that had thousands of 1970’s music fans propelling themselves upward.

Hugh says the video blends the new footage with some classic performances - including a show in Belfast in which a younger Hugh was coincidentally in the audience.

“When they were starting out I was part of a small band of loyal followers and have always kept in touch particularly with Mickey (Bradley).

“This footage hasn’t seen the light of day in 31 years. there are two different shows but I remember travelling to Belfast from Derry by bus and I remember the original documentary Shellshock Rock being broadcast and us looking to see if we could see ourselves.

Derry native Hugh Robinson, now a media lecturer at henley College, and the man behind the new Undertones video. Photo taken by Helena Robinson

Derry native Hugh Robinson, now a media lecturer at henley College, and the man behind the new Undertones video. Photo taken by Helena Robinson

“It was a BBC Northern Ireland documentary about punk rock and featured other band such as Stiff Little Fingers as well.”

Hugh says he’s delighted to have been able to make a video to mark the anniversary of Teenage Kicks - a line from which adorns John Peel’s headstone and which the DJ often said was his favourite song.

“ I made a film a couple of years ago called Mid-Table Mediocrity which was shown at a couple film festivals and I contacted Mickey to ask him if I could use the track “When Saturday Comes” in the film.

“I ended up in correspondence by email with The Undertones manager Andy Ferguson who said that the record company Union Square Music were looking for a video to promote a new compilation album and a tour by the band.

“I pitched an idea based around the Pogo which he and the band liked.”

Hugh - whose voiceover at the video’s beginning offers instruction on how to master the dance - says the pogo gave an ideal central theme to the video.

He says it brought back many memories from the punk era.

“I remember pogoing clean through the floor of the Casbah although those who remember The Casbah will testify that it was a pretty flimsy floor to begin with.

“The Casbah was at the top of Orchard Street where the shopping centre is now.”

The video coincides with the release of “True Confessions: Singles = A’s + B’s” a compilation album cataloguing the band’s single singles from Teenage Kicks to Jimmy Jimmy; My Perfect Cousin to Here Comes The Summer and more, together with all the B-sides.

You can watch the video by searching ‘how to pogo’ on YouTube or following the link at derryjournal.com