Tell us where you put the bomb: Derry police officer

Ammunition Technical Officers are on standby but the PSNI need to find the bomb first.
Ammunition Technical Officers are on standby but the PSNI need to find the bomb first.

The police officer heading up the investigation of an ongoing bomb alert in a nationalist village on the outskirts of Derry has blasted the “criminal elements” responsible and demanded that they tell the authorities exactly where their bomb is, if they really have left one in the area.

Superintendent Gordon McCalmont called on those behind the incident to provide clear and accurate information, claiming they’ve been ambiguous and misleading to date.

Several homes were evacuated in Lettershandoney yesterday while road closures left the estate in partial lockdown overnight.

“Over a period of two days violent dissident republicans have been telling us through intermediaries that there is a bomb in the area of Lettershandoney.

“On Wednesday they told us it was in one position and yesterday they said it was in another.

“They are providing conflicting and inaccurate information and creating fear and concern within the local community,” said Superintendant McCalmont.

The local police officer said the bombers don’t care about the community putting up with all the disruption.

“Over the past couple of days we have seen families displaced from their homes at a time when they should be managing the routine of getting children back to school. The criminal elements behind this incident don’t care about family life or the added stress they are placing on people forced to leave their homes.

“Keeping the community safe is our priority and while this is a challenging security operation we are grateful for the patience those affected have shown.

“I am calling on those behind this incident to tell us exactly where the bomb is so we can deal with it alongside our specialist colleagues or, indeed clarify if there is no bomb. Meanwhile the policing operation will continue so that we can ensure the area is safe and allow families to return to their homes.”