Tesco will not build new store

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Retail giant Tesco has confirmed they will not proceed with plans to build a new store in the Waterside.

It had been expected that the new store would cost around £50 million and create 200 extra jobs in the city.

It was also believed to be around 80,000 sq ft with 13 retail units within the new centre.

However a spokesperson for Tesco said yesterday: “At the Hearing for the Buncrana Road appeals (12-14 November 2013) we made it clear that we were not developing the on-site replacement at Lisnagelvin - we also made this evident in the submissions made prior to the Hearing.”

“Therefore, while it is not new news that we are not proceeding with a new store at the Lisnagelvin Centre, we’re sorry if for some people this comes as a fresh disappointment.”