That pesky North South divide

The Coronas.
The Coronas.

Of all the bands on the Irish circuit few have paid more attention to their ‘Nordie Cousins’ as The Coronas.

Unlike many of their contemporaries, such as The Frames, Mundy, Ryan Sheridan to name a few, The Coronas have always included Derry on their tours and return to play The Nerve Centre on Saturday, November 26.

They are about to hit the radio and charts with a vengence thanks to the first single ‘Addicted to Progress’ from their third album ‘Closer to You,’ due out this month.

The Coronas frontman, Danny O’Reilly, said: “I don’t know why there is a divide between the Northern and Southern music scenes but there is. We were getting big crowds up and down the country except for the North but we plugged away and went from playing the Bound For Boston to The Nerve Centre.

“It’s good to be playing the larger venues but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t notice a difference.

“Ireland is only so big, so you have to play as many gigs in as many places as possible.”

That said the band now find themselves in the rare position of being able to turn down gigs.

Danny said: “It’s a busy time, we were promoting the album in Cork yesterday and it is good that people want to talk to us before the album even comes out. We’re more proud of this album than any other,” he told the ‘Journal’.

‘Closer to You’ was recorded in Los Angeles over six weeks. It was great working with Tony Hoffer who produced it for us.”

The band took an unusual approach to the task of finding a new producer; Having already struck success with John Cornfield on ‘Tony Was An Ex-Con’ and platinum success with their Joe Chester produced, debut ‘Heroes or Ghosts’ the question was, why change at all?

“Well, we wanted to try something new, so we began googling our favourite albums to find who produced them and maybe that doesn’t usually work, but it has for us. The truth is no one knew how to get a producer,” admitted Danny.

“We were only out of college when we recorded ‘Heroes or Ghosts’ and Joe got a great album out of us but it outstripped all our expectations. It really opened up doors for us and when ‘San Diego’ got so much airplay we wanted to push on.”

The debut album even landed the guys a deal in Japan on JVC: “A girl called Yoko came to one of our gigs and said ‘I’m going to get you a deal in Japan’ and we were like ‘yeah OK.’ Next thing was she had the deal in front of us, mad really. We played a few gigs in Japan but haven’t been back since.”

As well as touring ‘Closer to You’ in 2012, the band are looking to repeat their Irish success either in the UK or USA.

“We don’t mind which,” smiled Danny. “When you look at a band like Bell X1 who spend a lot of their time in the USA without neglecting their home base they’ve really shown us the way forward.”

The Coronas completed their first headline tour in the USA in March; “But our plan is to release the album there next year and take it up a gear or two.”

Watch The Coronas move up through the gears on stage at The Nerve Centre on November 26.

Tickets from box office 028 7126 0562 costing £17.50. The Derry Journal, thanks to our friends at VoxPop Media, have two pairs of The Coronas tickets to give away to lucky readers.

Simply email with the name of The Coronas third album, your name and your phone number.