The Birds- early morning wake-up call

The Birds- A murder of crows arrives in Carndonagh.
The Birds- A murder of crows arrives in Carndonagh.

Residents in Carndonagh received an early morning wake up call on Wednesday as a murder of crows swooped down on a housing estate in the town.

In a Hitchcock-esque scene, hundreds of birds were captured circling the skies and perched on the roofs of homes in the Millbrae Meadows area of the town.

The murder of crows of various species, including hooded crows, magpies, jackdaws and rooks, caused quite a cacophony as they arrived at around 7.30am.

Large flocks of crows are sometimes seen across Derry and Inishowen and experts say that in the evening this is usually to roost together after the breeding season passes.

It normally happens in the morning with the advent of Autumn and winter as the weather turns cold. The birds gather sometimes when a large feeding ground is discovered or if they feel threatened by a predator.