The Buncrana road that’s a nightmare

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Residents in Buncrana are concerned that a narrow road outside the town is a ‘death trap’ for pedestrians.

Earlier this week a local resident, Seamus Benson, forwarded photographs which clearly indicate there is considerable substance to the claim/

Mr. Benson stated: “As you can see from the pictures the plight of the residents on the road from the top of the Casey to Tullydish in Buncrana. Clearly the road is not wide enough for two vehicles to pass at certain points. To add to the problem the road is in very bad disrepair for vehicles to travel on with a terribly uneven surface.”

The main problem however, is that there are no footpaths for people s to walk on.

He commented: “There are a few corners that are blind so people have to walk on the wrong side of the road to get to and from the town.

“Another major problem that residents face is the heavy traffic on this stretch of the road, including coal lorries, oil lorries, ESB vans who all have businesses on it.

“As well as this there is also an issue with the speed limit of the road as it is so narrow and uneven.

“On the road there are six housing estates with an average of forty houses in each estate and then there are a large number of private houses. Every house paid a development charge for the upgrade of this road and the installation of footpaths and street lighting which has not been done. The only time we hear or see anyone about the road is when our so called local representatives are up looking for our votes! Then we are told that the road is their number one priority

“While councils tar roads that are in way better condition than our road, so they can use up there budgeted road money for this year it makes us wonder where is our car tax money going and why ?should we even pay it. Maybe Buncrana town council could use the perfectly good curb stones they have taken of the main street of Buncrana and put them up our road to make a footpath for us! Something needs to be done sooner rather than later before an adult or child is killed trying to navigate this shambles of a road.