The city’s favourite alcoholic takes centre stage in Canada

Jennifer Cornish as Myra.
Jennifer Cornish as Myra.

She’s best known for swigging a bottle of Mundies up the city’s walls, and now Derry’s favourite alcoholic Maire has taken Canada by storm.

Maire, a woman of Derry, the role that was made famous by Carmel McCallion, is now being performed across Canada by Jennifer Cornish. And it’s going down a storm.

There have been a few slight moderations but the integrity of the original play is still intact. Maire is now set in Dublin instead of Derry but the famous Bloody Sunday scene is still in, as are many references to Derry. And she’s now called Myra instead of Maire, same pronunciation, different spelling.

The tag line for the Canadian show describes Myra as a “homeless wine connoisseur who shares her hilarious and powerful story with street-smart style, wry wit and brutal honesty.”

Writer Brian Foster is delighted the play is now appealing to a global audience.

“I’ve always believed that while the original story of Maire a Woman of Derry was quite parochial to Derry, the twin themes of alcoholism and homelessness being universal, the play had the legs to travel internationally.

“It’s great to get the Canadian production up and running. The new version, Myra’s Story, played a few shows over in Canada last year to rave reviews. It also won two awards. Now it’s moving up a gear to bigger theatres in bigger cities. I’m also working on getting productions up and running in New York and London. Exciting times and all to play for.’

Myra is play by Jennifer Cornish who has worked both in film and television but says she has spent the best parts of her life on stage..

One reviewer said of Myra: ”I’m still at a loss for words at how stunning the performance was. I laughed, I cried and was taken on an emotional roller coaster that I’m still recovering from. I’m so incredibly inspired, Thank you.”

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