The death of the Journal’s most prolific letter writer

The late Sean Carr.
The late Sean Carr.

Local people have been mourning the death of a well known Derry man - who was known for writing a letter to the Derry Journal every week in the 1960s.

Sean Carr died peacefully at home on Good Friday surrounded by his loving family after a short illness.

Married for 51 years Sean and his wife Dolly were a formidable couple in the 1960s; an Irish man from the Waterside and a West Indian from who both left their families and countries to seek work in England, Together they faced the daily racial prejudices aimed directly and indirectly against the backdrop of social unrest,

Those who knew Sean were aware that he was passionate about his politics. He regularly wrote to the English and Irish newspapers right up until 2005, There were very few weeks when his name did not appear in print making political comments and observations.

He was well known for his many letters written and published every week in the Journal.

After Sean’s diagnosis and when his illness started to take toll he still stubbornly insisted on singing at Mass, and doing things that he was physically unable to do because he did not want to let anyone down. His sheer determination up until his final days showed the true strength of character and the man he was. A man who refused to give up. Rest in peace.