‘The Grinch’ on a raid depicted by Saoradh

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Saoradh have claimed that a new Christmas cartoon at its national headquarters in Derry depicting ‘The Grinch’ hammering a door with a police battering ram highlights what it described as the ‘ongoing nature of harassment and intimidation by Crown Forces’.

The window illustration, featuring the notoriously anti-Christmas Dr. Seuss character dressed in a police uniform, has been newly painted at the party’s headquarters at Junior McDaid House in Chamberlain Street in the city.

On one side of the cartoon character Saoradh have painted ‘Have Yourself a Derry Little Christmas’, a pun on the Judy Garland Christmas classic, while, ‘from British Crown Forces!’ has been emblazoned on the other.

“This week Saoradh activists at Junior McDaid House painted a Christmas mural on the window of our national office,” a spokesperson for the party told the ‘Journal yesterday afternoon.

“The Christmas themed mural displays ‘The Grinch’ dressed in the uniform of British Crown Forces while dismantling a door with a battering ram.

“This is a reflection of something republicans know only to well, as witnessed on many occasions recently where colonial foot soldiers have sawed, drilled, battered and kicked through the doors of republican homes in a bid to quell activism in the city,” the party spokesperson said.

Last Christmas the party sparked controversy when an image of a snowman shouldering a rocket-propelled grenade launcher alongside the words ‘Wishing You an Explosive Christmas’ were painted on the windows of the same offices.

Charges were subsequently brought against two men under the public order legislation and under the Indecent Advertisements Act over the display but were ultimately dismissed at Derry Magistrate’s Court last June.

Yesterday the party told the ‘Journal’ that its new ‘Grinch’ mural was a means of protesting the use of stop-and-search powers and raids against its members in Derry and elsewhere.

“The window display is merely another avenue that we have used to highlight the ongoing nature of harassment and intimidation by Crown Forces,” said the Saoradh spokesperson.