The Holy Medal worked for Colleen on The Voice

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A Claudy woman has reached the second round of the hit BBC show The Voice.

Colleen Gormley who told the Journal how she clutched her holy medal while waiting to audition was delighted when turned his chair around, at the very last minute.

She is now through to the battle rounds of the competition.

For the 28 year-old, whose dream it is to become a country star, facing the four judges was a nerve wracking experience.

“I felt more nervous before I went on,” explained Colleen. “I’d be known for worrying and being nervous. I was petrified and held on to my holy medal. But when I got on stage an overwhelming sense of calm came over me. I felt completely at home and all I wanted to do was sing.”

What Colleen hadn’t been aware of, was that she was the very last person to audition in The Voice.

“I didn’t know if there would be any spaces left,” she said. “We would be in the green room and someone would be taken to audition. After that you wouldn’t see them again.

“I tried not to be fixated on a chair turning and just enjoyed singing, but I did watch the chairs.

“It was more the concept of the chair turning that worried me, not who was in the chair.”

On Saturday night Colleen sang ‘When you say nothing at all.”

The Trinity College graduate was accompanied to the audition by her Mum Diane, husband Tony Peoples, mother in law Bernie Peoples, sister Clodagh and best friend Laura Brown.

“It was lovely having the support there with me,” she said. “But I was more worried about them watching me than myself. People back home have been so supportive to me and I am so grateful for that.”