The People’s Protest

A group of Inishowen people took the initiative to hold a ‘gathering’ of a different kind last week..

On Sunday afternoon up to twenty individuals met at the Shore Front beach, Buncrana, to share ideas and organize a fresh campaign to voice their frustration primarily at the upcoming property tax, but also at other austerity measures. They are encouraging more people to show support within their respective neighbourhoods by displaying a homemade red flag in front of their houses.

One man named Ciaran said “I attended today as I am sick and tired of this government’s relentless austerity. I am opposed to this property tax and will not pay. Why don’t the government take a pay cut? Phil Hogan must have his head buried in the sand. I will be back next Sunday with my red flag and I hope to see more people turn out.”

A woman named Jacqui commented “I came here today not because i am directly affected by the property tax but because I am disgusted with this government squeezing the life out of the ordinary people of Ireland. There are plenty of other taxes and austerity measures that do, and will, affect me. I felt the need to add my presence today because I think my voice matters and i feel nothing will be achieved if we all sit at home and wait for everyone else to show their abhorrence at this kind of treatment. At the end of the day I need to feel I have tried my best to show the Irish government how unhappy I am, and if that means taking to the streets, or beaches, then that’s what I’ll do!”

Another man named John added “People are at their wit’s end. Poverty is on the increase with one in five children going to school hungry. It’s time to stop this before it’s too late.”

This gathering jokingly referred to as ‘The Beach Party’ has potential to grow to a weekly event, much like the ‘Balllyhea Says No’ march which has passed the one hundred week mark. And maybe more Beach Parties will spring up around the coast. It only takes five minutes, on your way to get the Sunday newspapers, to show support and maybe pose for the weekly group photo! It’s a feel good protest, if there is such a thing.

Displaying a homemade red flag in front of your house will do the talking for you, in between Sundays. It will make your voice heard all day and night. Displaying the flag does not mean you have or haven’t paid the household charge. Nor does it mean you can or can’t afford the property tax. It simply means you’re not happy. Don’t wait for them to ask if you’re unhappy, you’ll be waiting! Show them, today. Make that Flag!

The Beach Party will take place again this Sunday at 1:30 sharp, at Shore Front car park. Be there on time if you want to take part. It only takes five minutes!

For more details check Facebook ‘Red Flag Protest’