The power of one!

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A Greencastle woman is to stage a lone protest outside Moville Post Office today because, she says, if we all don’t stand up for ourselves the bankers, politicians and those in power will soon leave working people ‘with nothing’.

Trudy McLaughlin (pictured right) said it’s time people stopped protesting on ‘faceless’ social networking sites like Facebook and took to the streets in direct action.

A 46 yeard old mother and grandmother, Trudy said she is not doing for herself but for the generations to come.

“By the time this government is finished there’ll be nothing left for our grandkids - there’ll be no fish, no forestry, no natural resources. They’ll all be sold off to pay off billionaire bond holders and banks which have all but already destroyed this country.”

Why was she taking this action?

“There is nothing pleasant sticking your head above the parapet but I feel very passionate about this. It’s clear many families are now right against the wall but this government is still threatening people with legal action in regard to household charges and demands that we’ll have to pay property taxes.

“Where are people supposed to get this money? Even the credit union now says many families have less than 100 euros to live on after bills are paid

“The tax take nationally is up yet the number of people working is way, way down. That can only mean one thing - working people are being totally squeezed, led into poverty to pay off the rich.”

Trudy McLaughlin cited the example of when Joe Murphy, of the Donegal Austerity Committee, went on his protest walk to DUblin the authorities showed real speed in taking the dole off him because he was not available for work.

“It’s all about fear. They want to keep us in subjection. What they are saying is if they can do this to Joe they can do it to you.

“They are threatening us that unless we are docile and do what we are told they’ll punish us. I have had enough.

She said she was also really angry about the growing inequality in this country: “It’s a fact the rich are getting richer.

“Politicians with their big salaries and huge allowances are out of touch with the realities now facing working families.

“Unemployment is still rising and there are no jobs out there for our young people.

“Emigration is now as bad as it was in the hungry 30’s I want to stand up and say that we have had enough, that the government should be fighting for us not being good little boys keeping Brussels, Berlin and the bankers happy.”

Trudy said any journey began with the first step and if she started out as an individual making a protest others might be perusaded to come along and join her.

“I will be outside the Post Office in Moville tomorrow (today) between 1-2pm and every Friday for the foreseeable future. Anyone who wants to join in with me is more than welcome.”