The Riot Tapes play Sandinos back bar

Dublin band, The Riot Tapes who play Sandinos back bar this evening.
Dublin band, The Riot Tapes who play Sandinos back bar this evening.

The Riot Tapes, a Dublin five piece arrive in Derry via London and Arkansaw this evening.

Chris O’Brien who formed the band grew up in the American deep South, attending Little Rock Central High School a scene central to the 1960s Civil Rights movement in the USA, that however was not the origin of the band’s catchy name.

“Well when I was at uni we studied CCTV footage of how peaceful protests turned violent and they were called The Riot Tapes, the name stuck with me. It was full of action and that’s what I want to aim for.”

The name has stuck with the band longer than some of their line ups. “I had to borrow, beg and steal band members for gigs in the past but now we have a settled line up and are really looking forward to coming back to Derry.”

The settled line up was only possible after a little white lie by front woman Elaine Doyle. “We met in Dublin and she told me she was a singer, even though she never sung in a band before. I had been auditioning for a long time but didn’t really find the right person, 30 seconds into Elaine’s audition I knew ‘this feels right.’”

Prior to that guitarist Chris was working on Riot tape material for two years in London: “Elaine and I worked between London and Dublin for three months but I realised that I had to make the most of this opportunity and moved to Dublin then.”

As a result, The Riot Tapes released their debut album in last spring, the first single ‘Photograph’ received massive airplay late last year. “We’re really excited about the album but we can’t say too much as we’re in negotiations with a major label to release it,” beamed Chris.

In October the band featured heavily on The Apprentice. ‘Photograph’ was also used on the series TV advertisements. The Riot Tapes also made an appearance during one of the episodes when the teams were given a task to find the best in Irish music.

During their previous visit to the North the band played a fabulous set at Sandinos in Derry at which Bronagh Gallagher made a surprise guest appearance.

Dublin five piece The Riot Tapes play Sandino’s Back Room with special guest Paul Casey tonight.