These Americans love watching 'Derry Girls' but 'thank God there are subtitles'

American fans of Channel 4 hit comedy series, 'Derry Girls', have been hailing it as "great" and "hilarious" but some have said they need subtitles to understand what the characters are saying.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 12:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 7:32 pm
Series two of 'Derry Girls' is due on our screens in March 2019.

'Derry Girls' has been lapped up by viewers from right across America since it was dropped onto Netflix before Christmas.

The series was created and penned by proud Derry woman and talented screenwriter, Lisa McGee.

"Watched the whole season of 'Derry Girls' a second time and with subtitles. It’s master class, required watching," Tweeted one Stateside fan.

"'Derry Girls' on Netflix is really funny! But I’d turn the subtitles on because it’s set in Ireland and their accents can be difficult sometimes," added another.

"I just started watching @DerryGirls on Netflix and its is great - thanks God there are subtitles," commented one woman.

One American fan went as far as saying she was determined to get as many people as possible to watch the show.

"I'm announcing my campaign to try to get everyone I know to watch Derry Girls now that's it's on Netflix. Please watch (recommended with subtitles) and then discuss its brilliance with me. Please and thank you," she said.

Series two of 'Derry Girls' is due on our screens in March 2019.

The much loved series even managed to catch the eye of New York Post journalist, Brooke Rogers who, despite needing subtitles to understand the dialogue, described it as "delightful".

"'Derry Girls' on Netflix is delightful, even if I have to watch with the subtitles on because I can’t understand their accents," said Brooke Rogers.

'Derry Girls' series two is due to return to Channel 4 in March, 2019.