They came from everywhere to enjoy the ‘Ned and Bessie’ reunion

Several generations of one family gathered recently in East Donegal to enjoy a memorable reunion of the “Ned and Bessie” clan.

Edward (Ned ) Crawford was the son of William and Sarah Crawford from Porthall and he married Elizabeth (Bessie) Gallagher from the Gort House Ballindrait in The Church of The Immaculate Conception Strabane on the 26th May 1910.

Ned and Bessie settled in the much fabled Brickfield Cottage in Porthall where They reared eleven children.

Their family was all too often hit with tragedy losing their youngest son Patrick at the age of ten on the 30th April 1940, the morning he was to make his confirmation.

In 1947 at the age of 28 they lost another son John Joe. Daughter Sarah died at the age of 38 in 1966 after undergoing Surgery.

Sarah’s passing was particularly hard on Bessie as it was only two years after losing her beloved Ned.

But Bessie was blessed to have her children living near her and Brickfield Cottage was a place they all still called home. Many a story was told here and many a song was sung.

Recently some of Ned and Bessie’s descendants gathered in Kee’sHotel to remember Ned and Bessie and reminisce about the good days spent in Brickfield cottage and remember those that are no longer with them.