Thirty dead rats removed from attic of home

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Jay McCauley has called on the Housing Executive to act “once and for all” to end the plight of a Drumrallagh Estate resident.

Councillor McCauley claimed the resident has endured a “seven year long nightmare of rat infestation”.

He claimed that a waste pipe running behind the woman’s home had been identified by pest control as being the source of the problem.

Colr. McCauley said the resident had lost count of the many times she has gone to the Housing Executive Office about the problem.

“On each occasion the Executive’s response was to send out pest control and lay poison. While this led to a temporary lull, the rats returned to infest her attic over and over again.

“On one occasion she was advised to totally clear out her attic in case material stored there was attracting the rats, and related how heartbreaking it was to have had to get rid of everything, including several items of sentimental value, as well as special toys that had belonged to her children.

“When this clean out was completed pest control had to remove over 30 rats from the attic but the infestation just kept re-occurring over and over again.”

The resident said the issue had impacted on her health and quality of life.

“It is just a constant worry. For now they are staying in the attic but what if they get into the house? Then there’s the smell when they eat the poison and die. It can be difficult to locate the dead rat and the smell can linger for weeks.”