“This is just mindless vandalism”

The scene of the break in at Bits & Bobs in Moville in the early hours of yesterday morning.  (0107JB90)
The scene of the break in at Bits & Bobs in Moville in the early hours of yesterday morning. (0107JB90)

Two Moville based business owners were left shocked when they discovered their business had been broken into on Wednesday night.

Tony and Monica Kitson, owners of Bits and Bobs shop in Moville, arrived at the premises in James Street at 10am yesterday morning only to discover their business had been ransacked.

The owners believe the prowlers broke in through the back door as they broke a window and damaged a unit trying to gain entry to the Moville business.

The robbers made off with almost 400 euro in a float which Mr Kitson had kept on the premises, as well as some stock.

“I can understand stealing the stock and going for the money but to do what they did is totally uncalled for. They look like they’ve taken their hand and just wiped the shelves clear.

“It’s mindless vandalism. There is no call for it at all.”

Struggling Business

As a result of the break in the Kitsons were forced to close their doors and cease trading for the day.

“Things are bad enough at the minute, we have been really quiet and for this to happen now on top of other things is awful. We have to close today and it’s not good. We’re really struggling. We have bills to pay and I had to go to bank to let them know about the situation today.”

Mr Kitson said himself and his wife, Monica, were due to go to a wedding today, but had to cancel when they discovered the state of the premises.

When speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, Tony said the Gardai forensic team were on route to the premises.

“There’ll be no wedding for us today anyway but hopefully the gardai get to the bottom of things soon as this is so unfair. Everyone is struggling just to get by at the moment and a break in and damage to your property is the last thing any businessman would need.”

It is believed the Indian Takeaway in James Street, Flavours of India, was also targeted by the robbers.

It is unknown at this stage what time the accident occurred, however it is believed to be in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Gardai were unable to comment on the incident when at the time of going to press.