Thousands to strike on Friday ‘to save jobs’

Unite leader, Liam Gallagher.
Unite leader, Liam Gallagher.

trade union representative urges every worker to attend proposed rally

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, Liam Gallagher, Regional Chair of trade union Unite, said, “We understand that many people will be inconvenienced on Friday by the large strike but the trade union movement must stand up in defence of 20,000 jobs that will be lost if the welfare 
cuts continue.

“For people to say that Derry is ‘buzzing’ defies belief when you consider that our unemployment rate is the highest in Great Britain.

“We would urge every worker to attend the rally on Friday 13th March at Guildhall Square at 1pm and urge the community to get behind the trade unions - to send a message to local politicians that ‘you 
are responsible’.”

Trade unions taking part in the strike include NIPSA, Unite, INTO 
and Unison.