Threat against second Allen brother lifted

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A threat to kill made against the brother of a man murdered by dissident republicans in February, has, according to his family, been rescinded.

Donna Smith mother to murdered Andrew, 24, and exiled Daniel, 26, spoke of her “sheer relief” yesterday after community workers informed her that the threat had been lifted and Daniel who left Derry six weeks ago returned.

Ms. Smith also spoke of her anger at; “having to liase with the organisation responsible for the murder of my son Andrew.”

The contact was made through community workers at Rosemount Resource Centre after RAAD expelled Daniel and a personal friend of Andrews six weeks ago.

“Just having to have any contact with them was angering but we feared that Daniel who has three children would never be able to get home.”

Donna stated that she hadn’t even begun to grieve for Andrew, who was murdered in Lisfannon by two masked RAAD gunmen after having previously been ordered from Derry city, when Daniel too was ordered into exile.

“I don’t know why they were targeting my family.”

The Smith and Allen family have always denied any allegations of illegality aimed to Andrew.

“This time I think it was following the anti-RAAD graffiti which appeared in the area but this wasn’t us. Our family even went out as a group to paint over some of the messages which had referred to Andrew. The family were united and strong in our opposition to RAAD and I don’t think any family has been as outspoken as us.”

Mother and son had an emotional embrace when Daniel returned to the city and the family home on Thursday evening, Mrs. Smith said: “When he left the fear was we wouldn’t see him again as that is what happened with Andrew.”

After being forced to open lines of communication with those who murdered her son, Donna Smith vowed to achieve justice for father of two, Andrew.

“We want to be left alone by this group but that doesn’t mean we will forget the fight for justice for Andrew. Our Andrew was murdered and he deserves justice.”

The Top of the Hill mother also expressed her hope that the second man ordered to leave Derry with Daniel would have a threat against him lifted in order to enable him to return home safely.

“Our hope is he can come home too.”