‘Thunder Rockets’ causing havoc in Derry

'Thunder Rockets'
'Thunder Rockets'

Residents in some areas of Derry are living in fear after a rise in anti-social behaviour involving fireworks.

Last Saturday police officers seized 13 ‘Thunder Rockets’ during a search in the Gobnascale area. The ‘Thunder Rockets’ had been in the possession of a teenage boy.

On Tuesday, fireworks were pushed through the door of a house in the Shantallow area.

On Wednesday, City North Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) arrested a 14-years-old boy in Fergleen Park and he will be reported for the offence of possession of a firework. The City North NPT also arrested a 19-years-old male in Cornshell Fields after he was found with a number of ‘garden fireworks’ and he will also be reported for the offence of possession of illegal fireworks.

“I live in the house with my two young children and the sound of the fireworks going off at night is terrifying,” said Shanice Bradley from Shantallow.

“I have an elderly neighbour who lives a few doors away and he has been absolutely plagued by the young ones with the fireworks. Is one of them going to have to lose a hand before they catch themselves on?” she added.

Chief Inspector, Tony Callaghan, the Derry city commander, said his officers would be cracking down on the illegal sale and use of fireworks in the weeks leading up Derry’s annual Hallowe’en Carnival.

“It is clear that no one wants this type of anti-social behaviour in their areas and I would ask anyone involved in this type of activity to stop and think about the effect your actions are having on your neighbours and the vulnerable people in your community.”