Tierney condemns violent Galliagh disturbances

Colr. Brian Tierney. (DER0314PG016)
Colr. Brian Tierney. (DER0314PG016)

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has said that the lives of residents in the Galliagh area is being plagued by anti-social behaviour, street drinking and crowds of young people showing no regard for the community.

Speaking to the Journal, Colr. Tierney claimed some of the young people responsible were as young as 14 years-old.

“Residents in Galliagh are sick, sore and tired of the constant plague of anti-social behaviour and street drinking that has made life a nightmare for them and their families,” said Colr. Tierney.

“For another week, people here have been subjected to crowds of people, some as young as 14, drinking on the street and causing significant disruption. This is now beginning to have a serious negative effect on the entire community.”

Colr. Tierney said he had heard reports that masked men were in the area and shots had been fired.

“I am also aware of rumours of shots being fired in the area and have been in touch with the police about this.

“As we approach the summer, local organisations will be arranging festivals and events to give young people here somewhere to go and something to do. It’s important that we tackle the culture of anti-social behaviour that has been allowed to grow here.”

He added: “In the meantime, I would encourage parents and carers to watch out for their children and try to be aware of where they are before they get themselves into serious trouble.”