Till Tomorrow - new EP from Chris Porter

DJ Chris Porter.
DJ Chris Porter.

Creggan born trance DJ, Chris Porter has just launched a new EP having signed an exclusive deal to Borderline Records in the UK.

His EP “Chris Porter - Till Tomorrow” which was released on Monday is already getting massive amounts of airplay from global trance superstars such as Paul Webster, Activa and Mark Leanings. Chris has been excited at hearing his songs on radio shows which are syndicated around the world.

“I first heard it played on ‘Afterhours.’ All these DJS have a guest show every week which goes out to a global audience. Sean Tyas ‘Tyatanium Sessions’ played it and suddenly my Facebook was bombarded with interest.”

Chris has been winnning plaudits from leading DJs such as Mark Sherry who said, “Liking A New Day cheers”, while Neal Scarborough said Till Tomorrow was: “Quality trance as always!”

The local DJ said of the acclaim: “It is a great buzz.

“As soon as the tunes are played then my profile page Facebook lights up with people asking me to add them and listening to the tracks I have there. I keep getting texts from my brothers saying ‘it’s on again.’”

Chris has been DJ’ing on and off for few years, “mostly just at my own pace.”

He has previously released ‘Tazer’ on Bonzai in 2009 but has recently returned to making music.

“It’s been great, especially signing the exculsive deal. Borderline is owned by Activa, who is a legend in the Trance scene. He’s been about for a long time so I couldn’t be happier.

“I’m already working on two new tracks. I started Till Tomorrow in January. Hopefully if they start to take off and I keep getting the support of the big hitting DJs, sales will pick up and I’ll get some gigs.”

Chris who works as a BT forum moderator in Derry, added: “The aim is to get gigging in England which is where the money is, that and give up the day job,” he laughed.

“That’s everyone’s dream though isn’t it?”

The EP was released on Monday as a Beatport label exclusive but will be on sale everywhere from April 23.

For more info log onto www.facebook.com/djchrisporter or search for the tracks on youtube.