Titanic Dance is a surprising Irish dancing hit

Titanicdance, which returns to the Millenium Forum next week. (270115CD05)
Titanicdance, which returns to the Millenium Forum next week. (270115CD05)

It was hard to imagine how a dance show could portray the tragic story of the Titanic.

After all, hundreds of people perished when the famous ship sank in 1912.

However, with a full house settled in to watch the show at the Millennium Forum last Thursday, it appears that it is in fact, a huge hit.

It garnered three standing ovations, and it has to be said that all three were deserved.

The show is a collection of Irish dancing, showing off both the hard and soft-soled jigs and reels, and depicting various elements of the ship’s history and voyage. From the passengers arriving on board to the men shovelling tons of coal into the fires below, the dances told the story eloquently and with reverence.

There was a love story intertwined throughout, with the lead male and female giving top class performances.

Raymond Sweeney, the lead dancer was also the creative director and lead choreographer, and with 15 years experience working with Michael Flatley, his talent was unbelievable.

The singer and musicians were also fabulous, giving rousing and energetic performances between scenes. On stage though, the 24 strong troupe showed no signs of becoming weary and when the audience thought the show was over, a final dance piece proved that they had a finale performance worth waiting for.

Titanic Dance has the American market written all over it and it is sure to tour the world over.