Toddler finds bomb on Magilligan beach

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The Mayor of Limavady says the Ministry of Defence must take action after a young boy he believes to be as young as two escaped injury after lifting up a live World War II mortar shell from the beach in Magilligan.

The child found the bomb while he was walking on the shoreline around Magilligan on Saturday afternoon.

Army bomb experts were called to the scene and they disposed of the shell.

The PSNI said they believed the boy was “fortunate not to have been badly injured”.

The Mayor, Sinn Fein Councillor Cathal McLaughli,n said it was “worrying” as it had not been the first time WW11 shells have been found along the normally tranquil stretch of shoreline.

“This could have been devastating,” he said. “I think the MoD have to do something to address this, perhaps publish photos of the shells that have been found in recent times, so people can be more aware. It’s getting more and more frequent and something needs to be done before it’s too late, because I don’t think anyone knows how many there are.”

Police warn the public to treat items they find on the coastline with caution and “if they find anything unusual they should not touch it but contact police immediately”, a PSNI spokesperson said.

The Mayor joined the police appeal, and said he was trying to locate the family of the boy who found the shell.

“I’d really like to meet them to see what happened and pass on my best wishes. I have been told they are holidaymakers, but I don’t know for certain. If anyone knows them, I would love them to get in touch with me via the Mayor’s Office at 028 777 22226.”