Top acts to return for next week’s Moville’s DylanFest

Al Diesan (hat) and Pino in Sardinia
Al Diesan (hat) and Pino in Sardinia

It’s less than a week now to Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough, which has become one of the worlds’ biggest celebrations of the music of Bob Dylan.

Excitement is mounting in Moville as some of the world’s top Dylan acts head for the Inishowen town.

Jacques Mees will also be headlining this year's moville DylanFest

Jacques Mees will also be headlining this year's moville DylanFest

Running from June 30th to July 3rd, the music festival will take place all weekend long in Rosatos, Rawdons, Bar-a-Cuda, Town Clock, Caiseal Mara and McGettigan’s and the Sean Ti in Greencastle.

It will also take place outside in the Malin Road and at the Picnic in the Park Green at the White Wall in Bath Green.

Jacques Mees, who will play for the first time in Moville, won third place in Dylan Radio’s worldwide search for the world’s top Dylan Cover Acts.

Organiser Gerry McLaughlin is also excited about the return of the Al Diesean band who went down a storm last year.

“Al and Pino Tocco usually play in their own home town of Cagliari but they have played the Maggie’s Farm Folk Festival in Citta di Castello near Perugia, the Montforthaus Theatre in Austria, Bob Dylan’s old haunts in Greenwich Village, New York and at Bob’s 70th Birthday celebrations in Tilburg, Holland.”

But Gerry told the ‘Journal’ the reason he wanted to play the DylanFest in Moville last year was that I wanted to celebrate Bob’s birthday somehow, and the most important festival worldwide is the one in Moville - after “Dylan Days” in Hibbing (Dylan’s birthplace)”.

“Moville and Hibbing, Minnesota are the only Dylan festivals worldwide which are both multi venue and take place both indoors and outside.”

After their astonishing gig on the Sunday night of last year’s DylanFest in Rosatos, which some people claim is the best gig they ever heard in Moville, Rosatos have signed Al and Pino up to play the Thursday, Friday and Sunday and outside in the Malin Road on the Saturday evening. “Quite a few Dylan fans, who have seen both, said that they would prefer to watch and hear Al rather than Dylan himself nowadays,” claims Gerry.

Al says he hopes to feel the vibration of the music inside again.

“I expect an even greater audience, now that we are well known, after the 2010 edition”.

Al has spent much of the past year making a DVD of DylanFest 2010 which he will be bringing to the event.

Returning to Moville’s Dylanfest this year also are Italian Dylan act from Milan, the Slow Train Band, who look forward to coming back to Moville for the first time since DylanFest 2008

Gerry thinks the Slow Train Band are precisely the type of act that he wants for the DylanFest. “In 2008 they travelled by camper van from Milan across Northern Europe, over to England, across to Wales then over to Dublin and up to Moville. It took them three days to get here. They had prepared 3 hours of Dylan songs but unfortunately only got to play for an hour as we were running late.

“I’ve always wanted to get them back again and have been in touch the past two years but we couldn’t make it happen again till this year. They’re great characters”.

Slow Train Band have played in pubs and rock festivals all over Northern Italy. At the DylanFest on the Lough 2011 they will be appearing at the Sean Ti in Greencastle on the Friday and the Bar-a-Cuda on the Saturday and will have the opportunity, in the end, to play their full 3-hour set for a Greencastle and Moville audience. For more information, accommodation and the Programme of Events see