Tourist attacked by dogs in Malin Head

The Irish Coastguard has issued a warning to be “careful” in Malin Head after another tourist was attacked by dogs in the area over the weekend.

Malin Head Coastguard were called to the incident. It is understood the tourist injuries were not serious.

The incident led the Irish Coastguard to issue a warning on its facebook page, warning tourists to be “careful” in the area. They pointed out how there were a “number of similar incidents” in the area last year.

During these incidents, two separate Spanish and Italian couples were bitten by dogs in the area and sought assistance from the coastguard.

The first couple were taken to hospital after first aid was administered at the scene. The second couple was also taken to hospital as a precaution.

Malin Head has been particularly busy with tourists in recent weeks due to the good weather and holiday season.