Tourists still coming despite chilly conditions

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and arctic conditions tourists are still visiting the city making the most of their holiday.

With weekend temperatures barely getting above freezing point, it would have been tempting to stay at home in front of the fire but a number of visitors braved the elements to take walking tours around the city centre.

Local tour guide Martin McCrossan from City Tours said he showed a number of groups around the city during the weekend.

"There are still people coming," he said.

"People have made the journey from wherever they have come from and they want to go and do the normal things they would expect to do when they visit somewhere for a break," he explained.

Mr McCrossan also said the blanket of snow and ice covering the city has not deterred some hardy visitors. "On Saturday we had people coming from Lisburn and they wanted to go on a walking tour.

"They made it down from Lisburn, which was no mean feat in itself, and they took one of our tours.

"Because the layer of snow we had was so thick, particularly around the Walls, it gave a bit of a grip underfoot which meant that we did not have to change our route in any way," he said.

The tour operator also said the snow added another attraction to the city. "The amount of people that went on the tour and stopped to take photographs at on the Walls and at the cathedral and the rest of the beautiful buildings in our city centre.

"It provided a completely different view of the city and was an attraction in itself," he explained.

Mr McCrossan also said the adverse weather conditions also tested City Tours' pledge to its customers. "Our brochure says despite rain, sleet, or snow, we'll still go and people have been holding us to that, challenge and we were able to deliver," he said.