Towns’ ‘biggest and best’ parades

From left, Realtin McElhinney, Anna McLaughlin and Jessica Harkin. (2203PG26)
From left, Realtin McElhinney, Anna McLaughlin and Jessica Harkin. (2203PG26)

St Patrick Day parades in Moville and Buncrana were the biggest-ever it’s been claimed with tourists flocking to the peninsula from all over the North West.

Organisers from both Moville and Buncrana St Patrick’s Day parades have reported having their biggest and best spelling out good news for businesses.

In Buncrana committee member and Buncrana councillor Nicholas Crossan said he couldn’t be happier with how the day turned out.

Speaking to the Journal yesterday he said: “We had a huge parade last year with the carnival group and I thought we would never equal that but, in my opinion, crowd wise and the content of the parade we definitely equalised it.

“We had thousands of people on the Main Street of Buncrana and I haven’t seen as many people on the Main Street before like that,

“I got a good view from the lorry that I was on and I could see right down to the West End and it was just choc-a-bloc with people.

“What it meant was that from early in the day right up to late at night, each business that was open on the Main Street was packed to capacity.

“That is what it’s all about, getting people out on St Patrick’s Day and getting them in to the premises, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and the sweetie shops.

“They were absolutely delighted, there was a lot of business brought to Buncrana.

“St Patrick’s Day is one of the best business days in Buncrana for getting families out and a few bob spent.”

Cllr Crossan said the day wouldn’t have been a success if it wasn’t for the support from businesses.

He added: “I just want to thank all the businesses that supported us, Eddie Buchanan for use of his lorry and to all the stewards who helped out in the day, Willowhill Nurseries - who decorated the lorry for us - Riverside Sound, and a special thanks to all the businesses, clubs, community groups, anybody that took part in the parade or fancy dress.

“We encourage more people to take part in that each year because that’s what makes it and of course the people that turn out every year.”

And it was a similar story in Moville with one St Patrick’s Day committee organiser saying it was the biggest parade in more than two decades.

Eamonn McLaughlin told the Journal: “We had a huge crowd there, we had the biggest parade since we started in 1990 and we had a great turn out of people. We’re very pleased with the whole event.

“We had a huge number of floats and a large crowd of people there.”