Toyota films Japan advert in Inishowen

An aerial view of Fort Dunree.
An aerial view of Fort Dunree.

Inishowen is to be featured on Japanese TV after car company Toyota filmed their new advert in the peninsula this week.

The commercial was for their new vehicle, Model ‘Toyota HH’. It will appear on Japanese TV and also be available to view on Youtube within the next few months.

The commercial was filmed at ‘Smithy Rocky Road’ in Leenan and also at Dunree fort and lighthouse.

The commercial was due to be filmed in Norway but the crew decided to change the location to Ireland. A locations scout visited the country, during which Dunree came out tops.

Ballyliffin businessman and filmmaker Michael McLaughlin, who was involved with the film crew, said conditions “couldn’t have been better.”

“The skies were clear and blue, the sun was shining and the water was so still. We couldn’t have showcased the area any better,” he said.

After filming in Inishowen, the crew continued to Portsalon and Donegal Airport to complete the advert.

Siobhán Kelly from Inishowen Tourism said the commercial was a “great opportunity for Inishowen to be showcased to the Japanese Market.”

She said she hoped the commercial would attract tourists from Japan, who are interested in “dramatic scenery, rural Ireland and flora and fauna, and Inishowen can offer it all.”