Trade unionists call for demos, strikes and walk-outs against hard border if Derry crashes out of EU next week

Trade unionists have urged workers to mobilise against a hard border if Derry crashes out of the EU with the UK in a ‘no deal’ Brexit next Friday.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 3:29 pm

Derry Trades Union Council has called for demonstrations, strikes, walk-outs and sit-downs against any moves to harden the frontier between Derry and Donegal.

A DTUC statement issued to the ‘Journal’ yesterday declared: “As trade unionists we are opposed to any attempt to reimpose a hard border. This would represent a tremendous step backwards.

“We believe this reflects the opinion of the vast majority of people North and South and from all communities.

“A hard border would undercut workers rights and would threaten the interests of the vast majority of people here. As trade unions representing workers in border counties we understand the damage this would cause in people’s day to day lives.”

The workers’ lobby urged the Irish trade union to “join us in pledging to mobilise against any attempt to impose a hard border by using, if necessary, the best traditions of the labour movement - demonstrations, protests, strikes, walkouts and sit-downs”.

“The trade union movement in its totality is the largest and most representative body across the island. This is the best way for us to voice our opinion on behalf of all ordinary people North and South.

“More than one hundred years ago trade union leader James Connolly warned partition would create a ‘carnival of reaction’ on the island. For this reason he called on the labour movement to do all it could to mobilise against division. We must not allow a hard border to become a source of renewed reaction and division. We want to go forward not backwards,” it stated.