Here are 23 examples of the worst car parking in Derry in 2019

Unless it is an emergency, there can be no excuse for careless car parking in Derry.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 12:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th June 2019, 1:31 pm
Literally, abandoned on a footpath in Derry city centre.

Poor car parking frustrates many of us and sad to say it is a problem that is alive and well in Derry today - here are 23 examples of some of the worst car parking the city has seen since the beginning of 2019 - a big thank you to Derry Parking Berts for allowing us to use these photographs - check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Footpath! Foot! Path! The clue is in the word foot!!!
The driver of this car is inventive if nothing else - if you can't find a parking space, just invent one.
There has been zero attempt to park this car correctly.
Just because you drive a big car doesn't give you carte blanche to park on double yellow lines.
Hopefully this B.M.W. was collecting their order of the book 'How to park your car correctly in Derry!'.
Something tells me this driver would gladly use the entire car park if he or she could get away with it.
Ohhh, look at me, I have a fancy car which automatically means I am entitled to take up as many car parking spaces as I want.
It's a Volvo you are driving not the Titanic - catch yourself on!
We are quickly loosing the will to live.
Any closer and they would be in the fruit and veg aisle!
It's great to see our Donegal neighbours spending their hard earned cash in Derry but perhaps in the future they could learn how to park their cars?
If there's one place in Derry you should NOT abandon your car in the middle of the road it's outside a P.S.N.I. station.
Fingers crossed the driver of this car was in Altnagelvin to have their eyes tested.
There are no words...
Weapons grade selfishness!
A pram can be seen at the bottom of this image. It's utterly disgraceful that this parent had to step onto a busy road with their baby because someone thinks it's acceptable to block a footpath with a car.
Parking bays such as these are reserved to drivers with disabilities for a reason - shame on you.
The parking bays in this car park are amongst the biggest in Derry so why someone driving a small car like this would need two spaces is beyond me.
It's a Kia, not a Lamborghini.
This could be a record - this driver, despite being in a small care, might be taking up five spaces!!
This driver needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.
Yet another footpath fiend - what is someone pushing a pram or using a wheelchair supposed to do here?
Where do people get the nerve to park their car like this? It's ridiculous.